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The IAAI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides financial support to the IAAI and its Chapters to underwrite training and research efforts and awards educational scholarships.
CFITrainer.Net Fundraising Challenge

“CFITrainer.Net has had unparalleled success. It is an indispensable training source for fire investigators and related professionals. We, as beneficiaries of CFITrainer.Net, need to step forward and give back for the benefits we have received through our use of CFITrainer.Net. Grant funding is never guaranteed. We have the opportunity to pool our resources as a professional community to support future CFITrainer.Net content and feature development to ensure that it continues to create the up-to-date, quality training our profession needs. Join me in raising $100,000 to support CFITrainer.Net. The future of our professional community is ours to nurture.” — Jerry Naylis, Past President, IAAI and member of the NFPA 1033 Technical Committee

A Donation and a Challenge from Jerry Naylis: Read the full letter from Jerry Naylis to learn more about our 2023 fundraising goal for CFITrainer.Net.
Jerry Naylis