The IAAI Foundation underwrites IAAI's training initiatives. The Foundation's training focus is fourfold:
  • Raise the level of education and training of all fire investigators
  • Support the development of more advanced instruction in critical fire investigation topics
  • Influence the development of current and future standards related to fire investigation so those standards form the foundation of a rigorous, scientific, and ethical fire investigation profession
  • Influence state requirements for training, certification, and licensing of fire investigators to ensure the standards of professionalism, knowledge, and skills are met
Building on its established tradition of quality online and in-person fire investigation training, the IAAI Foundation is currently expanding its initiatives to meet the growing need for training private sector and insurance personnel:
  • Expand the training opportunities for insurance and private sector professionals who investigate fires, including advanced courses in electrical product failure, improper installations, vehicle fires, and arson-for-profit schemes
  • Partner with insurance companies to produce training that meets the needs of its personnel and positively impacts the insurance company’s bottom line by ensuring rigorous, professional, accurate investigations
  • Focus on improving the quality of investigations of non-incendiary and "property crime" fires so that the causes are properly determined, responsible parties or products are held responsible, and meritless litigation is reduced
IAAI has been educating insurance industry professionals for 60 years and, with renewed insurance company interest in reducing fire claim losses, the time is right for a reinvigorated partnership to specifically address the needs of private and insurance company investigators.

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