The Foundation Research and Academic Development Grant Program is designed to support the development and delivery of training and educational programs to the fire investigation community; support the design and development of professional development/certification programs that serve the fire investigation community; and encourage testing and research in subject areas germane to the field of fire investigation.

Unless otherwise indicated in a specific announcement or special grant solicitation, this grant program is not designed for or intended to support capital improvements or construction projects.

The Foundation Research and Academic Development Grant Program is open to public sector governmental organizations and U. S. tax exempt recognized not-for-profit organizations (for U.S. based organizations) and recognized not-for-profit organization (for non-U.S. based organizations) that are actively involved in the support and/or training of fire investigators, actively involved in the development of academic or professional development programs for fire investigators through testing and research or other methods, or conduct testing and research in areas and fields germane to the fire investigation community.

Generally, eligible organizations may only have one open grant at any particular time and eligible organizations may not apply for a new grant for twelve months following the formal close out of a previously accepted grant proposal. Grants that are rejected or otherwise not accepted are immediately eligible for resubmission for consideration during the next grant review period.

Unless otherwise noted on an application or solicitation, the Foundation Board will consider grant applications twice a year, generally coinciding with a meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors held in conjunction with the International Association of Arson Investigators Annual Training Conference and mid-year board meetings. The deadline(s) for grant submission:

March 1 for consideration at the IAAI Foundation Annual Board Meeting

October 1 for consideration at the IAAI Mid-year Board Meeting

Eligible organizations wishing to apply for a Foundation Research and Academic Development Grant are required to submit a formal written request to the Foundation in accordance to the deadlines above. Please download and read the Grant Guidelines for instructions on how to apply, as well as information on the review process and grant closure requirements.

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