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Travelers-Fire Investigator

Travelers Insurance is looking for a Fire Investigator in the Independence, Ohio area. This position is responsible for conducting high complexity in-depth fire and explosion investigations on all fires referred to the internal fire investigation unit. Working in a nationwide and regional team relationship with executive/regional Claim, Legal and Subrogation professionals on the determination of the origin and cause of a fire loss. Responsible for application of specialized expertise and experience. This position is a dedicated Investigative Professional who will respond to fire and explosion events. The incumbent is expected to work a flexible work schedule, to include additional daily or weekly work hours; occasional weekends; overnight travel and multiple day deployments, which may be on short-notice. The position requires travel for periods of approximately 3-5 consecutive days and often has numerous deployments throughout the year. Requires working in adverse conditions such as a post fire, explosion and catastrophic event sites. The incumbent must be able to work in various climates such as ice storms in the Northeast to hail storms in the Southeast. This job does not manage staff.
Job Description:
Primarily responsible for investigating the origin and cause of all levels of complex fires and explosion investigations which may involve the direct management of additional investigative experts. Applies thorough knowledge of general fire scene safety and potential hazards during investigations. Applies the techniques of critical thinking to dismantle complex problems and reasoning through to its logical conclusion utilizing the scientific method as outlined in NFPA921. Prepares and provides accurate technical documentation of any fire or explosion investigation in order to accurately recall and communicate effectively observations of the scene at a later date. Collects, identifies and safeguards all evidence and chain of custody necessary to the determination of an origin and cause fire claim. Analyzes, transforms and conveys highly technical information into actionable investigative strategies that would include fraudulent (Arson) events, general liability and subrogation theories. Applies Local, State and Federal statutes to ensure investigations are carried out within the requirements of applicable laws. Participates and testifies in all legal proceedings as a certified technical expert as to the origin and cause of a fire or explosion incident.
Location: Independence, OH
Contact: Please apply through our Travelers Careers site: 16846BR Fire Investigator