2022 Foundation Restructure
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2022 Foundation Restructure

Members of the IAAI,

During the Annual Meeting of the IAAI Foundation, the Board of Directors entered discussion on how to effectively get more work completed in the workings and operations of the Foundation. We recognized that the workload of half of the Board Members involves duties also obligated by their elected positions with the IAAI Board. If you are unaware of the make up the Foundation Board, I will briefly explain.

The IAAI Foundation Board consists of seven members. Those positions are filled with the current IAAI President, First Vice President and most recent Past President. There are three elected positions that are elected by the IAAI Body. Terms for the elected positions are for three years with a max of two terms. Each year after the AGM of the IAAI when the election results are tallied, a meeting is held, and the new Board appoints a Director-at-Large who holds that position for one year.

Due to the amount of time spent completing the business dealings of the IAAI, it was proposed that the positions on the Foundation currently filled by the IAAI President and First Vice President, become elected positions. During the discussion, the members on the Foundation who serve on the IAAI Executive Board, were in complete agreement with the proposal. We agreed that getting more volunteers to help serve on the Foundation through the election process would greatly benefit the operations of that organization.

Your Foundation decided that in order to make this change, legal counsel would be consulted and the proposed Constitution and By-Law change, as well as the needed resolution to make the change work within the current make up of term be reviewed. Legal counsel confirmed the IAAI Foundation was within its governing rules, as well as legal authority to make the needed changes. The process to make a change to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Foundation, comprised of requirements that were in place and needed followed. Those requirements were met and on May 2, 2022 the Board unanimously approved the change. This change relieved the IAAI President and First Vice President of their obligation to serve on the Foundation Board, however the position for the Past President was retained. This allows for the continued successful working relationship of the two organizations in support of the IAAI Membership.

The remaining Foundation Board Members met and unanimously passed a Resolution.

The Resolution allows for the filling of the two vacancies in a manner most conducive for the continued cycle of terms with two open positions each year.  That resolution is included in this notice. The discussion was extensive on how to fill the two vacant positions as indicated by the Resolution. It was unanimously decided to best fill those position using the current election process and time frame. This will allow members who would like to assist the Foundation to be nominated and voted on by the IAAI Membership. The process remains the same and Nominees will need to be vetted as per the current guidelines to serve on the Board.

It is important to note that the IAAI Executive Members that helped with this needed change were and remain, very supportive of the Foundation mission. We hope that this will allow for more work to get accomplished by finding ways to support you both as an IAAI Member and dedicated part of this industry.


Robert Cabral
IAAI Foundation President

Randy Watson

IAAI President