David Sneed
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David Sneed

David Sneed David Sneed
2003 - 2004

David Sneed

I live and work in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of north Texas. I own DRS Consultants, a private company specializing in fire and explosion investigations. My background reflects 35 years of service in Law Enforcement and the Fire Service and now 20 years in private sector investigations.

I have been a member of the IAAI since 1982 and have served in the following capacities: TX Chapter IAAI-1982 to present, TX Chapter President 1996-1998, IAAI Member 1982 to present, Director 1993 to 2001, VP 2001-2003, President 2003-2004. I currently service as the President of the IAAI Foundation.

During my term as President of the IAAI, the organization achieved a number of milestones. First, the IAAI assumed all responsibility for the production and promotion of the International Training Conference, second the organization established financial policy to insure our future, and third the foundation was laid to create an innovative online training initiative, CFITrainer, which has developed into one of the most successful educational programs for the Fire investigation profession.

My longevity in the IAAI enables me to be a source of information and assistance to anyone in all aspects of the IAAI organization from membership to committee involvement to executive management of the organization.