IAAI Launches New FireArson.Com
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IAAI Launches New FireArson.Com

CROFTON, MD (Tuesday, July 22, 2014) — The International Assocation of Arson Investigators (IAAI) has launched a complete revamp of its website, firearson.com. The site has been redesigned with engaging graphic design and intuitive navigation that spotlight's IAAI's programs, training, member services, and corporate information.

"We are excited to offer the new website to our global audience with credible information and ways to gain access to experts in fire investigation. We also worked hard to integrate all of our training, education, member benefits and career development opportunities into one site that ties www.firearson.com and CFITrainer.Net® together for all of our members."

For IAAI members, the new firearson.com has a brand new member "dashboard" home page where the member can see all his/her IAAI and CFITrainer.Net® information in one place. The new member dashboard retains the links to your member and account information in the same place, but adds a number of exiting features, including a training calendar of upcoming class offerings, a clickable list of job openings, and a quick links to the many ways to get the most from your IAAI membership.

Most excitingly, if the IAAI member is also registered with CFITrainer.Net®, the member dashboard on firearson.com includes a fully integrated panel of the member's training progress on CFITrainer.Net®. This CFITrainer.Net® panel shows the member his/her progress toward earning IAAI credentials, facilitates access to the member's CFITrainer.Net® transcript, allows PIN entry for in-person class testing, and accesses the newest programs released on CFITrainer®. For the CFITrainer.Net® dashboard to be active, your IAAI member account and your CFITrainer.Net® account must use the same email address.

For the community and for professionals interested in IAAI membership, the public side of firearson.com offers improved access to key information about IAAI, clear descriptions of IAAI's many programs and activities, and the full range of corporate information. The visitor can quickly find an abundance of information, including the many benefits of IAAI membership, how to join IAAI, how to access IAAI publications, what certifications and designations IAAI offers, and what IAAI classes are available for online registration. If you know exactly what you want, try the "I Want To" jump menu for quick answers to the most popular questions, or use the Search bar to look for keywords that describe what you need. Connect with IAAI on a number of social media platforms using the icons in the header.

All IAAI members, professionals in the fire investigation community, and the public are invited to re-acquaint themselves with IAAI through the new firearson.com. Comments are welcome. Please visit the Connect with IAAI page to reach out to us with your feedback.