Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony
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Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony

The Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony course walks you through what it’s like to testify as an expert witness in a real case. During the class, you will spend time with actual attorneys giving your deposition, preparing for your testimony, as well as spending the day in a courtroom where you will take the stand for direct examination and cross examination.

If you have never been called upon as an Expert Witness, this class will give you the opportunity to better understand the monumental task of preparing for court and then experience testifying in a real courtroom environment with actual attorneys.

The classroom portion of the course covers; Legal System Overview; Court Rules and Case Law; Qualifying as an Expert and Standing by Your Curriculum Vitae; and How to Write and Present Your Opinion Analysis.

The court preparation portion covers; The Practical Exercise; Court Exhibits: How to Present and what should be Included; Presentation of Evidence: Best Practices; and Working with an Attorney.

Hosts for EWCT must provide two attorneys for two days, someone to act as a judge, and a courtroom, in addition to provide a training facility conducive to the size of the class expected, and audio visual equipment that supports class size and a PowerPoint presentation An EWCT event is limited to 8 students.

Delivery Time Frame

Two and a Half Days


Work Experience: A minimum of 4-years Full-time or 5-Years Part-Time of general experience in the fire investigation industry.

Specific Work Experience: A minimum of 7 fire scenes that you were the lead Origin & Cause Investigator.

Able to meet all the requirements of the IAAI-CFI® application except for the expert witness testimony requirement.

CFITrainer.Net® Module Prerequisites:
  • The Scientific Method for Fire and Explosion Investigation
  • Effective Investigation and Testimony
The course requires more than 40 hours of preliminary case work, for which you have six weeks to prepare and submit. Students will be required to update (or create) their Curriculum Vitae (CV), prepare an opinion analysis and court testimony plan, and create two courtroom exhibits.You will receive your pre-course work six weeks before the course date. You must be prepaid to receive the course materials.

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