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Oregon Chapter 40th Annual Advanced Arson Training Seminar

Oregon Chapter 40th Annual Advanced Arson Training Seminar

Start Date:
Monday, September 17, 2018
End Date:
Thursday, September 20, 2018
744 SW Elizabeth St
Newport, OR 97365-5109 US

Monday, September 17, 2018
1pm—5pm: Burning Down the House: Essentials of Insurance Law, Thomas May, Esq, (Part one of two, continues Tuesday AM)

This ambitious course will enhance the knowledge of the participants by facilitating awareness of emerging trends related to: (1) insurance contract law, (2) tort [insurance] law, (3) insurance policies, (4) insurance claims handling, (5) coverage issues, (6) bad faith, (7) attorney - client privilege and work product, (8) claims files, (9) subrogation, and (10) spoliation.  Applicable case law pertaining to frequently arising legal issues will be analyzed in order to highlight real life examples of insurance-related matters.

Attendees will obtain a working knowledge of policy coverage issues as well as related contract and tort liabilities concerns in order to effectively communicate with claims handlers, special investigation personnel, and subrogation counsel to avert legal exposure.  The ambitious agenda includes knowledge building in relation to the advantages, obstacles and potential accountabilities associated with the increasing use of arson immunity statutes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018
 8am—12pm: Burning Down the House: Essentials of Insurance Law, Thomas May Esq.
(Part two of two, continued from Monday PM)
1pm—5pm: Afternoon Session To Be Determined 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

8am—12 pm: Scientific Methods in Fire Investigation, Dr. Jamie McAllister

This course presents an in-depth review of Chapter 4 (Basic Methodology) and Chapter 25 (Fire and Explosion Deaths and Injuries) in the 2017 edition of NFPA 921.  Attendees will learn how to apply the Scientific Method in Fire Death and Injury investigation.  Attendees will also learn the importance of autopsy and injury data collection and analysis as it relates to fire origin and cause investigation.

1pm—5pm: Relationship Between Alcohol & Drug Impairment in Fire Death & Injuries, Dr. Jamie McAllister

This course presents the scientific literature on the relationship between alcohol and drug impairment and fire related deaths and injuries.  Attendees will learn about the impact of alcohol and drugs on an occupant’s ability to awaken to a sounding smoke alarm, perceive cues, and respond appropriately.  Attendees will also learn about blood alcohol concentrations that begin to affect occupant response in fires, as well as the various toxicological methods used for evaluating alcohol in the blood of fire victims. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018
8am—12pm: The Evolution of Fire Debris Analysis & Sample Contamination, David Brien

The Evolution of Fire Debris Analysis: One of the mainstays in a complete fire investigation is the analysis of fire debris and comparison samples for ignitable liquid residue.   The simple fact is, the number and types of ignitable liquids in use is constantly changing and both the investigator and the laboratories must similarly evolve to do a proper and comprehensive investigation.  This presentation will cover basic ignitable liquids; past, present and future. Sample Contamination: The results of fire debris analysis can be no better than the quality and integrity of the samples collected.  One inherent concern with the collection of samples is possible contamination or transfer of ignitable liquids.  This presentation will address common modes of possible contamination originating from sample collection, containers, sampling tools, storage and transport.

Conference Rates
Member: $350.00 – Full Conference; After September 5th: $400
Member: $175.00 – Single Day; After September 5th: $200
Non-member: $405.00 – Full Conference; After September 5th: $455
Non-member: $205.00 – Single Day; After September 5th: $230

Any cancellations after 12 pm, Sept. 5, with a request for refund will need to be submitted in writing for IAAI Oregon Board review.  Please send requests to  Requests will be reviewed at the December 2018 board meeting. 

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