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Snohomish County, WA-Fire Investigator

PDS is seeking a successful candidate to conduct fire investigations in order to determine the origin and cause of the fires in Snohomish County and to assist in educating the community on fire safety and prevention, and to promote fire and life safety through compliance of County and state fire prevention codes and regulations.
Job Description:
1.  Responds to fire scenes and conducts on-site investigations of incendiary (arson) and accidental fires to determine the origin and cause using sound fire investigation principles and NFPA 921 Guidelines.
2.  Conducts criminal follow-up investigations, interviews witnesses, firefighters and suspects, takes photographs, collects evidence, develops scene sketches and diagrams, conduct background checks; may be required to conduct surveillance and arrest suspects; provides backup to law enforcement officers as requested; serves and executes search warrants.
3.  Prepares comprehensive detailed reports for owners, fire departments, other agencies and the Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office; provides expert testimony for both criminal and civil court cases.
4.  Establishes and maintains confidential files and databases.
5.   Provides fire prevention counseling/education to families of children involved in playing with fire; evaluates juveniles identified as being involved with fires; provides assistance as requested in delivering educational programs that are in cooperation with Snohomish County partners.
6.  Conducts fire prevention inspections at commercial business, special events, retail fireworks stands and fireworks displays.
7.   Trains fire department personnel in fire investigation techniques.
8.   Provides backup to the Fire Marshal, as needed.
Location: Snohomish County, WA
Compensation: $65,594.04 - $79,762.08 Annually