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Grinnell Mutual-Investigator

Job Summary:
Investigate a variety of losses, e.g. fire, explosion, theft, fraud, automobile or other insurance related investigations and reports findings in accordance with departmental guidelines in the state of Iowa.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• Examines loss scene and collects evidence for use pertaining to the loss investigation. May sift scene debris for evidence of ignition, cause, origin or damaged property for fire related losses.

• Photographs loss scene to document damage and related evidence to document investigation findings.

• Interviews and compiles information gathered from policy holders, owners, occupants, witnesses, fire and law enforcement responders, contractors, vendors, installers and any other parties identified as connected to the investigation.

• Performs loss investigation in accordance to department procedures and guidelines.

• Collects, packages, and tags evidence for preservation and transport to secure evidence storage location. May personally transport or ship the evidence to a secure location.

• Investigates theft, fraud, automobile and other insurance related losses as requested.

• Compiles loss investigation information, interview information, collected data and evidence into a report, when requested.

• Assists with developing loss site protocols detailing how loss site will be documented and preserved.

• Testifies in criminal or civil, federal or state court proceedings.

• Contacts appropriate federal, state and local authorities as needed in relation to the investigation and in adherence to government regulations.

• Presents educational programs for mutual meetings, fire departments and civic groups, or as requested.
Location: State of Iowa
Compensation: Salary
Jennifer Fuchs