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Corporate Memberships

Your involvement as an IAAI Corporate Member is important and we hope you will consider joining. In addition to supporting education and training, you’ll be advancing fire safety and prevention efforts around the world.

Why become an IAAI Corporate Member

As a volunteer-driven organization, the IAAI depends on the dedication and service of many to achieve its mission, vision and goals. Working together, our Corporate Members and IAAI Leadership have many opportunities to move important projects and programs forward, ultimately improving the safety of our constituents and communities.

With our duty to provide accurate and timely reporting of activities and financials to our members, our Corporate Members have a unique understanding of business operations and can provide relevant feedback and support as well as gain industry perspective.

Share your brand and your message with more than 9,000 members, 20,000 chapter related fire investigators and 100,000+ industry related professionals.

Receiving timely updates on happenings and events across an array of related industries provides you with information which you can relate to and use.
As one of the ‘sisters of the fire service,’ the IAAI has special access to the nation’s fire service leaders and our reach and input continues to grow within the Law Enforcement and Insurance industries as well. We also continue to collaborate with leaders in the fields of Science, Forensics, Education, and Public Safety.

Don’t limit your business networking to your local community or one specific industry; an international reach stretching across multiple industries provides you with unlimited potential access.
Support Improving endeavors in fire safety & prevention, holding those responsible for fire loss accountable, and the prevention, reduction and prosecution of arson isn’t the responsibility of any one individual or organization, but requires the collaborative efforts of many.
Fire is one of the most destructive forces in the universe and arson is a crime that burns everyone. Fire investigation must continue to move forward in training, credentialing, and determining the origin & cause of fire.
Won’t you join us in making your world a safer place.

Corporate membership levels start at only $400 – won’t you join us?
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Accommodation Policy
The IAAI is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate based on age, sex, race, or disability in qualifying for organization membership or for participation in training events, special programs or certification protocols. The IAAI will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations within their responsibility and control to applicants and program participants with special needs or disabilities upon special request or self disclosure. Any information regarding age, sex, or race collected during an application process or any self disclosure of a disability or special need will be held in strictest confidence and will not be released unless required by legal authority.