2020 Election Results
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2020 Election Results


Randy Watson (GA)


David Bridges (MN)
Jim Kanavy (KY)
Joe Toscano (CT)
David Cheers (FL)


Bob Cabral (OH)

Constitution & By-Laws Amendment Proposals

Proposal 2019-01 To Amend Article V (Committees) adding a Section 4.
Section 4. A member shall serve as the Chairperson of only one committee and shall serve on a maximum of two committees.

The adoption of this proposal will have limited impact on the ability of the President in appointment of members to serve as committee Chairs and members as it limits the number of individuals who can be considered for specific appointments.


Proposal 2019-02 To Amend Article IX, Section 1, A & B (Amendment Requirements)
Section 1. Requirements. This Constitution may be amended at any regular or special the Annual General Meeting of the Association by a two-thirds majority of the total electronic vote, providing:
  1. The proposed amendment is presented in a form consistent with and without conflict with the remainder of the existing constitution of the Association; and shall be submitted by November 1st prior to the next Annual General Meeting, in a manner prescribed by the C&BL Committee as approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. The proposed amendment is disseminated to the general membership by publication in the Fire & Arson Investigator or on the IAAI website for review at least thirty (30) days preceding the opening of the electronic voting for the Association elections and amendments to the C&BL at the Annual General Meeting procedure for elections next regular or special meeting of the Association.
The adoption of this proposal will have no adverse impact to the existing By-Laws as it codifies into the By-Laws the existing policy adopted by the Board of Directors as related to amendment proposals.